Hebe&Blu is a conscious self-care brand creating a sense of calm in a busy world.  We bring you products that are natural, cruelty free, vegan, palm oil free, effective and safe.  All our products have been assessed and passed the Cosmetic Products Safety Report, which means a qualified chemist has certified that they are safe for general use.  Each product is packed with premium natural ingredients and every product has been made and labelled by hand.  We have also tried to make our packing as sustainable as possible.  Our products are in glass jars and bottles with aluminium or bamboo lids.  


We hope our products encourage you to take some time out for yourself and practice self-care the kind way!


our name 

🌈 hebe - greek goddess of eternal youth. 

🌈 blu - (shortened from blue) symbolises the blue abundant in nature.


our values


🌈 Cruelty free


🌈  Vegan


🌈  Natural


🌈  Palm Oil Free


🌈 Sustainable


🌈 Handmade

🌈 Safe 


hebeandblu ltd